Our purpose

The primary reason is we truly care about our students and strive to help them develop and maintain safe practices on the road as well as learn the art of defensive driving.

We feel it is our obligation to provide a level of service that is in accordance to safety rules and regulations. Our professional and licensed instructors take upon themselves to ensure that you are comfortable and understand the rules of the road, develop safe driving practices and recognize the
dangers that may be present.

We are a state certified driving school committed to providing professional driving instructions. Driving lessons are available 6 days a weeks, we offer special arrangements can made for students to be picked up and dropper’ off at home or school.

We offer driving & Traffic classes in Miami Dade And Broward

A Professional Driving School provides several
driver improvement courses in Miami Dade and
Broward. We know that getting a traffic citation
or getting into an accident is upsetting and, at
times, overwhelming. We’ll do our best to give
you the instruction you need so that you can
get back on the road.

The leading cause of dead in teenagers is automobile accidents

Aprofessional Driving School

(Dade and Broward County)

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday
9:00 a. m. – 5:00 p. m.

Saturday 9:00 a. m. – 1:00 p. m.
Appointment only


We accept

5% transaction fee

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